Watch Labrinth’s Fantastical Video for New Song ‘Miracle’

Labrinth has released an imaginative new video for inspired single “Miracle.” The British singer-songwriter recently teamed up with Diplo and Sia to form the supergroup LSD.

“Miracle” is a sweeping, synth-led power ballad that has the singer looking for a reprieve from the world’s pain. As the song progresses, the song grows bigger and more expansive, led by the shimmering, orchestral musical accompaniment and the increasing passion in Labrinth’s vocal performance. The video is an equally cinematic experience, following both a young boy and Labrinth’s journeys through a small town. By the end of the song, the misfit boy has turned into a bird-like creature who is worshipped by the people of his town.

“It was based on the idea that a lot of artists, or anyone that has an imagination, come from a place of total innocence,” he said in a statement. “Every idea you are creating is not about stats, not about money, not about vanity. It’s about realizing or fulfilling this idea.”

Labrinth’s last solo LP was released in 2012, while LSD’s self-titled debut arrived in April. He has worked with Nicki Minaj, the Weeknd and more in the last year and oversaw the original score for HBO’s forthcoming series Euphoria.

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