‘Alien-like eggs’ containing the world’s most venomous animals spark horror

Eerie new images reveal the inside of eggs containing the world's most venomous animal.

They show the inside of an eastern brown snakes eggs, with the pictures capturing the eerie veins and dark mass seen through the shell which resemble an alien-like form.

A group of eastern brown snakes eggs – one the world's most venomous creatures – were "gifted" to a snake catcher in New South Wales in Australia.

Eastern brown snakes are considered Australia's second most venomous land snakes and can grow about seven feet in length.

The owner of Australians Snake Catcher, Sean Cade, became a surrogate parent to 23 "perfect eggs" last month after a snake laid them in his bag overnight.

He indicated that this event was "rare" and that they would hatch "sometime in March". He also joked that his friend stood in to be the snake's stand-in aunty.

He told 9news.com.au: "She has got the incubator.

"She's misting them. Snake eggs are leathery and soft, not rock hard like a bird egg, so they need moisture".

The snake expert added that once the adult brown snakes lay their eggs in the wild they leave them to hatch and fend for themselves.

Sean explained that he believes only six out of the 23 eggs laid look like they'll hatch, with 16 eggs being the average number birthed by the species.

He added: "Six is good, if I can save one of these eggs, that's a good result in my book."

Sean revealed that once the snakes hatch they will be returned to the wild as they will instantly become venomous.

When they bite, the venom attacks the circulatory system and can cause haemorrhage, cardiovascular collapse and cardiac arrest.

In 2021, a family's cat died after fighting off an eastern brown snake.

Animal Emergency Service shared on Facebook that the pet quickly pounced, killing the reptile before it could strike.

However the snake – which carries the second most toxic venom in the world – managed to bite the cat during the struggle, leading to its death.

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