Amazon wants to build a “beehive’ filled with drones

Here’s the latest buzz from Amazon: a “beehive” warehouse that’s swarming with delivery drones.

The Seattle-based Web giant has filed an application with US Patent and Trademark Office to create an inventory distribution hub “designed to accommodate landing and takeoff of unmanned aerial vehicles” in big cities, according to the documents.

The multistory drone towers would have “many levels” and be fed merchandise by trucks at the foot of the building. The drones would take off from ports throughout the cylinder-shaped edifice, pocked with myriad drone portals to resemble a beehive, drawings of the proposed building indicate.

According to the filing, Amazon customers would also be able to pick up orders themselves at the facility — if they’re not worried about having to duck drones.

Amazon made its first drone delivery in the United Kingdom in December 2016.


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