Apple's AR set may arrive in 2020 with a new iPad Pro says analyst

Apple’s anticipated new augmented reality headset could arrive in the first half of 2020 along with a new iPad Pro and iPhone SE 2, says major analyst

  • A major Apple analysts says the firm may release an AR headset in 2020
  • Apple is reportedly partnering with third-party brands to design them
  • 2020 may also yield a new iPad Pro and a follow-up to the iPhone SE 

Apple’s rumored augmented reality headset may be ready sooner rather than later according to a top analyst. 

In a note from Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a knack fir correctly predicting Apple’s forthcoming hardware, the analysts says the tech giant could have its smart glasses ready by the first half of 2020. 

Kuo’s note, which was translated from Chinese to English and published first by 9to5Mac, also forecasts that Apple will be partnering with ‘third-party brands’ to design the headset. 

Apple has increasingly moved into augmented reality technology. In 2017, it launched AR Kit, an augmented reality platform for developers to create apps and other software using the tech.

Likewise Facebook has reportedly partnered with Rayban to work on its own pair of augmented reality glasses in the coming one to two years. 

There’s still no word on exactly what form the headset will take, however, specifically whether it will fall closer to Facebook’s glasses on the spectrum or something bulkier like Microsoft’s Hololens. 

Kuo’s predictions come on the heels of several other hints that Apple may be further along in its development of its first-ever AR glasses.

Last month MacRumors says it has saw documentation of an internal iOS 13 build for what looks like support for an augmented reality headset.

Apple has long been rumored to be developing its own pair of AR glasses. The tech giant has filed a patent this year that gives a glimpse into what it may be developing behind closed doors


Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of an environment or situation

  • It immerses the user by making them feel like they are in the simulated reality throughimages and sounds
  • For example, in VR, you could feel like you’re climbing a mountain while sat at home

In contrast, augmented reality layers computer-generated images on top of an existing reality

  • AR is developed into apps to bring digital components into the real world
  • For example, in the Pokemon Go app, the characters seem to appear in real world scenarios

Those documents showed evidence of what MacRumors reports is a mysterious ‘STARTester’ app which can switch to a head-mounted mode as well as code designed to run stereo-enabled AR apps which the outlet said implies the existence of a headset.

Documents also suggest that Apple may have a prototype of the device which is reportedly code-named ‘Garta.’    

In addition to the AR headset, Kuo also references the possible release of a new iPad Pro which could come equipped with 3D sensor similar to a True-Depth feature in iPhones.

This feature allows the device to capture more of the environment around subjects in photos and video and could help future efforts at improving augmented reality experiences on the device.

Additionally, Kuo predicts that Apple may release its iPhone SE 2, a follow up to the company’s budget device which was originally announced in 2016. 

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