Apple's next 18 devices revealed in huge leak

Apple’s next 18 devices revealed in huge leak – here are the incredible gadgets we can expect to see over the next year

  • Apple unveiled its highly anticipated Vision Pro headset just earlier this month
  • But rumours suggest that 18 other products are on the way during the next year
  • iPads, iMacs, and even Apple Watches are among these, according to sources  

Apple made waves as it unveiled the game-changing Vision Pro headset earlier this month amid fierce competition with Meta.

But it seems the tech giant isn’t stopping here, as major leaks suggest that new iPhones, Apple Watches and Macs are among numerous products on the way over the next year. 

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has predicted that 18 new devices will be launched over the next year.

Many of these align with pre-existing speculation on the web as Apple fans chatter  ahead of the firm’s traditional California-based September event.

Want to know what’s in store? MailOnline has dished the details on what could be lined up.

Speculation surrounding the iPhone 15 has circulated the internet for months now, amidst numerous dummy leaks

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Four iPhone 15s

Speculation surrounding the iPhone 15 has circulated on the internet for months now, amid numerous dummy leaks.

Last month, MacRumors unveiled what it claimed to be ‘very accurate’ images of four models with a ‘frosted back glass’ and much curvier edges.

These came with a Dynamic Island too – a pill-shaped area on the screen that provides key alerts to the user.

Previous leaks also suggest these iPhone 15s will have a USB-C charging port instead of a Lightning port, due to legislation passed in 2022 by the European Union.

While Gurman doesn’t add anything new to these theories, it’s anticipated that four iPhone 15 models will be launched in the near future.

This may include a 6.1-inch iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, a 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Max and a same-sized iPhone 15 Pro Max, according to MacRumors.

Two new MacBook Air models codenamed ‘J613’ and ‘J615’ could soon be on the way

Two MacBook Air models

Apple kicked off its highly anticipated World Wide Developers Conference this month by showcasing a new MacBook Air product.

This 15-inch laptop provides 18 hours of battery life and is 12 times faster than intel-based MacBooks – with prices starting at $1,299 (£1,399).

But it turns out that Apple may be developing two other models to be launched from as early as 2024, according to Gurman. 

These 13-inch devices were codenamed ‘J613’ and ‘J615’, but other details remain ambiguous.

A trio of new Apple Watches could be on the horizon at Apple’s September event, rumours say

Three Apple Watches

Gurman also suggests that a trio of new Apple Watches could be on the horizon at Apple’s September event. 

Using the codenames ‘N207’, ‘N208’ and ‘N210’, he claims that two Series 9 models will be among these alongside a new Ultra 2.

At present, Apple’s titanium-cased Ultra watches cost $799 (£849), providing up to 36 hours of battery life.

Another leak from DigiTimes suggests the Ultra 2 may upgrade from using OLED to micro-LED technology which would make the device even more energy efficient.

This also has the potential to boost the Ultra 2’s lifespan while giving the product a greater brightness. 

A new iPad Air – dubbed as ‘J507’ – will be among two iPad Pros (‘J717’ and ‘J720’) to be unveiled in 2024, it has been claimed

Three iPads

The Bloomberg reporter predicts that a new iPad Air – dubbed as ‘J507’ – will be unveiled alongside two iPad Pros (‘J717’ and ‘J720’).

It’s believed the iPad Air will be an upgrade from the current model which uses an M1 chip – the second-most powerful central and graphics processing unit that Apple has.

This would put the iPad Air in line with the current iPad Pro, with its M2 chip providing 15 per cent faster performance and 35 per cent faster graphics.

On the other hand, new iPad Pro models could have screens as large as 16 inches, according to The Information, which claimed to leak information in October last year. 

It’s claimed this model could be unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2023 but other details remain unclear. 

Gurman claimed that Apple is in the ‘early work’ of an iMac with a 30-inch screen 

Three iMacs

Gurman claims that Apple is in the ‘early work’ of an iMac with a 30-inch screen – six inches larger that the 2021 computer model.

Two others – codenamed ‘J433’ and ‘J434’ – could also be on the horizon, hosting a more average-sized 24-inch screen. 

In March, Gurman said these two models wouldn’t ship ‘until the second half of the year at the earliest’, indicating they may be unveiled at the September event.

A 13-inch MacBook Pro could be on the cards for 2024, alongisde a Max 14-inch and 16-inch computer (codenamed ‘J504’, ‘J514’ and ‘J516’ respectively

Three MacBook Pros

Lastly, a 13-inch MacBook Pro could be on the cards for 2024, alongside a Max 14-inch and 16-inch computer (codenamed ‘J504’, ‘J514’ and ‘J516’ respectively).

Gurman predicts that all three of these will use an unreleased M3 chip – boosting their performance and graphics even further.

These rumours come just months after Apple unveiled its latest MacBook Pros using the M2 chip which is currently deemed the world’s fastest.

The M2 chip made these devices six times more powerful than their predecessors, so the future of a M3-based MacBook Pros is arguably unimaginable. 


Four iPhone 15s  

6.1-inch iPhone 15

6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro 

6.7-inch iPhone 15 Max

6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max

Two MacBook Air models

13-inch MacBook Air codenamed ‘J613’

13-inch MacBook Air codenamed ‘J615’ 

Three Apple Watches 

Series 9 model codenamed ‘N207’

Series 9 model codenamed ‘N208’

Ultra 2 model codenamed ‘N210’

Three iPads

iPad Air with M2 chip codenamed ‘J507’

iPad Pro codenamed ‘J717’

iPad Pro codenamed ‘J720’ – possibly 16 inches

Three iMacs

30-inch iMac computer

24-inch iMac codenamed ‘J433’

24-inch iMac codenamed ‘J434’

Three MacBook Pros

13-inch MacBook Pro codenamed ‘J504’

14-inch MacBook Pro Max codenamed ‘J514’

16-inch MacBook Pro codenamed ‘J516’

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