Ashes of cat will be launched into space for burial ‘like no cat has had before’

From a chimpanzee to a Tesla Roadster, a range of weird and wonderful items have been launched into space in the past.

Now, one cat lover has revealed plans to launch the ashes of his cat , Pikachu, into space, for a burial like no other.

Steve Munt, from Lake Oswego, Oregon, has launched a GoFundMe page dedicated to raising funds for the cosmic burial.

On the page, he wrote: “Pikachu will have a final send-off like no cat has ever had before. 

“A portion of his remains, from his heart, will be launched into orbit, where he will watch over the Earth, and we can track his location as he showers the world with love.”

Mr Munt plans to send the ashes through a company called Celestis, which offers memorial spaceflights for humans, as well as pets.

However, the unique burial isn’t cheap.

Celestis charges $5,000 (£3,864) for its ‘Earth orbit pet launch service’, which sees the ashes ‘placed in Earth orbit where it remains until it reenters the atmosphere, harmlessly vaporizing like a shooting star in final tribute.’

Mr Munt is still a way off his GoFundMe target, raising $2,100 at the time of publishing.

However, speaking to , he revealed that the has already paid for the service, using his own savings.

He said: “I have already signed the contract and just recently paid in full for the service. While I continue to accept donations for those who wish to be a part of this tribute, fundraising is not a primary goal for me.

“My dream is coming true, regardless of any additional donations, and I am currently awaiting an assigned slot on a future launch."

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