How astronauts celebrated Christmas in space

December 25 was a day packed with gifts, good food and family time for millions of people on Earth. Believe it or not, things weren’t all that different for astronauts floating some 250 miles above our planet on the International Space Station and NASA has taken the opportunity to explain how some of the world’s bravest scientists spent their long weekend in orbit.

Just like their counterparts here on Earth, NASA astronauts aboard the ISS had the day off to relax and reflect on 2017 and anticipate the year ahead. When the most recent cargo mission dropped off its wares at the ISS, a whole bunch of gifts came along for the ride and both NASA’s ISS crew and Russian cosmonauts aboard the floating laboratory opened surprises sent from their families and friends back home.

On Monday, the astronauts were able to put their important science work aside for a bit while they chatted with their families back on Earth, all in the light of their very own Christmas tree. As Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov revealed earlier this month, a new Christmas tree was headed to the ISS to replace the one currently on board. Both trees are artificial, of course, because if you thought the needles shed by the pine tree in living room were annoying, imagine that same scenario in zero gravity.

As is customary, the ISS inhabitants enjoyed a special Christmas meal to mark the occasion. Past dinners match up well with what you’d find at a typical Christmas gathering here on solid ground, including turkey and cookies.

The current crew of the vessel also took some time to share some of their favorite Christmas memories with science fans and recorded a video NASA shared via Twitter for the world to enjoy.


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