Bigfoot believers in frenzy over snap of bizarre figure ‘smiling’ at camera

A picture of a potential Bigfoot "smiling" down the lens of a camera has sent believers into a frenzy.

The chilling snap, shared to Facebook group Bigfoot Believers by Jay Willson, appears to show something's face peering through some foliage.

Willson revealed that he captured the image seven weeks ago in Georgia, US when he "was just photographing tree structures which were everywhere".

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Bigfoot enthusiasts often say weirdly positioned broken trees, or branches broken in a way which wouldn't occur naturally, are signs that Sasquatches may be in an area.

Willson also said he didn't see the figure at the time, only after he analysed the snap more closely.

He added: "I go back there every day. This is a large area of woods and I took 49 photos the day that I stumbled into it.

"I honestly have no idea exactly where I was when I snapped this photo, unfortunately. I honestly don’t care about naysayers. Couldn’t care less."

He later joked: "Some people have told me it looks to be smiling. Say cheese…"

Reacting in the comments section of his post, several people thought Wilson may have had a close encounter with one of the mythical bipedal beasts.

One said: "Very well could be [Bigfoot]. Also it could be those two trees behind are crossing at that point making something happen there. Never the less great pic [sic]."

A second said: "Now THAT is really cool!!! It actually looks like it's smiling at you!!! Lol!!"

A third theorised that it could be "a young adult Squatch" with several others agreeing.

While a fourth wrote: "Looks like a Bigfoot peeking around the tree!"

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However, not everyone was convinced.

One said: "Once again, seeing what you hope/want to see… nothing here!"

Another added: "I think it just how the tree grew… and it looks like a face."

While a third said bluntly: "Are yall serious??? Its a f**king tree."


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