Bizarre ‘half-spider, half-scorpion’ creature filmed scurrying across floor

A British tourist has captured a giant eight-legged beast which appeared to be half-spider, half-scorpion moving across the floor.

Londoner Pedro Goss, 18, was visiting Royal Natal National Park in South Africa when he spotted the mysterious creature moving at high speed.

In the video, the creature attempts to bury away from the onlookers into a bed of dry mud.

The creature sports a striped black and white orb-weaver and its legs are a shade of red.

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Its eight legs give the impression of it being a spider, but its head and elongated body also makes it look like a scorpion.

“The movement of it was rapid and it was changing direction very quickly,” said Pedro.

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“At the time of when I saw it, it was digging a hole with its head, burrowing and shovelling dirt with its back legs out of the hole.”

Pedro explained he saw the critter during a five-hour walk around the park.

“I spotted it in the middle of the path moving very strangely, like nothing I’ve ever seen before," he added.

The creature is thought to be a solifugae, otherwise known as a sun spider.

Though it is often called a spider and a scorpion, it is in fact neither.

Astri Leroy, chairman of South Africa’s Spider Club, explained: “In English, they are variously called camel spiders, wind spiders, wind scorpions and sun spiders, but they are neither spiders nor scorpions.”

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“They are fierce little predators and quite aggressive with a high metabolic rate so they have to eat a lot and if they can overpower another small creature they will do so.

“This means that their prey is not only insects and other invertebrates but also small vertebrates if they can catch them.

“They have no venom but they are fast and strong and have a four-part scissor-like set of jaws lined with sharp little teeth and two beady eyes.”

According to National Geographic , camel spiders “utilize digestive fluids to liquefy their victims' flesh, making it easy to suck the remains into their stomachs.”

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