Black ‘crafts’ filmed hovering over Earth by ISS before making unusual manoeuvre

Several unusual objects spotted hovering above Earth from the International Space Station have sparked a wave of conspiracies – with some even claiming the poor quality of the video points to a cover-up.

Christine was watching the ISS live feed on October 11 when she noticed several mysterious black shapes on the camera.

She sent in her findings to YouTube conspiracy theorist MrMBB333 who shared his thoughts a video that has since been seen more than 80,000 times.

It shows a dark blurry object moving back and forth above Earth as at least two other even blurrier shapes appear around it.

The shape then makes a “manoeuvre” to dart up into space.

“You can see it making a manoeuvre of like nothing on Earth that I have seen,” the uploader says in the video.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, this is very unique.

“It makes a circular manoeuvre and then goes straight up at a high rate of speed.”

In the caption to the video, MrMBB333 called the objects “mysterious black craft”.

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  • And it sparked a furious debate among viewers as to what they could be.

    “They do not move like a machine but more like living organisms,” one bizarrely suggested.

    Another claimed it could be the infamous Black Knight satellite – referencing the conspiracy theory that there is a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin orbiting the Earth and NASA is engage in a cover-up.

    Many pointed out it looked like “bugs on the lens”, although such a possibility would be impossible in space.

    But there were some plausible explanations as well. One sceptic said: “It’s just some stuff on the outside of the window.”

    And another suggested: “Probably just space junk.”

    The footage comes just days another object was seen hurtling at “high-speed” past the ISS.

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