‘Black monk of Pontefract’ photobombs mum’s mirror selfie after ‘face’ appears

Infamous ghost the Black Monk of Pontefract appears to have photobombed a paranormal-obsessed mum in a unique mirror selfie that holds his sinister "face" within.

Beth Jade, 29, had spent the night at a Pontefract home alleged to be haunted by the notorious ghost in an attempt to contact the phantom himself.

The 29-year-old has since showcased a series of photographs that appear to house the haunted spirit, with a frightening silhouette showing the Black Monk and his "flaring nostrils".

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In an attempt to "entice spirits", the mum-of-three had removed a doll from a toy pram where she eventually spotted the Black Monk after she had left the home.

Beth, who claims to have seen the ghostly figure noted for having caused the "UK's most violent haunting", said: "It definitely looks like a face. I can see the nostrils open, I can see eyes, really chiselled cheekbones, and if you zoom in closer you can see pupils.

"It could be the Black Monk, but I don't know what he's meant to look like. Some people said it could be a demon.

"I didn't know I'd caught it until I'd got home. I was looking through the pictures and listening to videos to see if I could hear anything, then I saw the top of the stairs and thought 'that didn't look right'.

"I wondered if it was the doll, but my sister removed the doll from the pram earlier that night to entice a spirit."

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As scary an experience it was to see the ghostly figure in the photo, the mum-of-three added that she "would have woken everyone up and told them I'm not staying" had she spotted it at the time.

Claiming to have researched the Black Monk to "see what all the fuss was about", she has since been scared stiff by this alleged sighting, vowing never to return to the haunted house.

Analysis of the images from expert Bil Bungay has seen a claim that "they haven't been tampered with" and that the images "justify" themselves as proof of an "intelligent and teasingly funny" demon.

Bungay added: "This face does look demonic. For choosing to pop itself onto the pram where the doll usually sits, I'd suggest it is intelligent and teasingly funny."

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