Bloke orders Postman Pat sex doll, gets wrong model and tries to sell it online

In what is surely among Facebook's most bizarre moments ever, a bloke told of how he ordered a Postman Pat sex doll and got a Ted model instead.

A photo of the anatomically accurate love doll, with Ted’s unmistakable Magnum moustache, appeared on Facebook together with the explanation: “"I ordered this by mistake I was meant to order Postman Pat but they sent me Ted from Postman Pat,’

The seller explained that the recommended retail price of the android is £350 and stressed that the one he was selling is “brand new” and “never used.”

In the ever-popular Postman Pat TV series, Ted Glen is the local handyman and can just about fix anything.

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Ted is also something of an inventor and forever inventing bizarre contraptions. He once built a robot postman to replace Pat, although as far as we know Ted has never built a sex robot.

Ted also has innumerable relatives who are always popping up as one-off guest characters.

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The life-sized Ted love doll is on sale in Liverpool, if you're interested.

A photo of the listing was posted to Twitter, with hundreds of people liking and retweeting the tweet.

And many people posted their own witty replies in response to the bizarre "for sale" listing.

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Elsa C said: "Is it just me or do we all want to see it naked?” while Penny Morgan, who is clearly very familiar with the Postman Pat characters, said: "My question is, how could anyone think that looks like Ted? Very scary."

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Innocently, Liz Hartley inquired: "Is a love doll what I cringingly think it is?” before adding “why does a Postman Pat range of these even exist?” an concluding: “WTF? obvs.”

Perhaps contemplating a few purchases of their own, Hewlett-Knackard just asked: "Where from? Asking for a friend."

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