Bodybuilder takes second sex doll wife on lavish honeymoon after first one broke

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A bodybuilder who shot to fame after he married a sex doll has been pictured on a lavish honeymoon with his second wife.

Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, treated his new plastic love, Luna, to a week away in Bulgaria after delays to their special trip due to the pandemic.

Luna accompanied him on a trip which was originally attended for work but the love birds were still able to use their time away to have "a lot of sex", Yuri said.

The 36-year-old has shared his holiday snaps with his thousands of followers, who he has kept updated throughout his turbulent love life, even during his explosive affair with a random object.

It comes one year after he married his first plastic wife Margot, who broke soon after they hit international headlines, reports The Mirror.

Yuri said: "The pandemic changed everyone’s plans massively so when the chance came to go to Bulgaria for work, I was happy I could take Luna.

"It was a work trip, but it was also so romantic that I consider it a honeymoon as well. We stayed in the capital Sofia for about a week and it was fabulous.

"We met a lot of people during my work time and also went out to restaurants and took advantage of the hotel room.

"There was a lot of sex. We also on occasion went live on Instagram because my followers were waiting for us, they wanted to see us.

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"Once, while we were having a romantic dinner, the waiter was surprised at my wife at first, but then he enjoyed watching us. Other diners also stopped to take photos with us."

Yuri says everywhere they went people were curious. He said someone asked to touch Luna because they had never seen a sex doll before.

He added: "The stylists who made my wife’s hair even asked about our sex life.

"Luna wore a very short skirt and men liked to watch her as she sat on my lap.

"Also, at one of the meetings, she was not wearing any underwear and this turned me on, and those around me noticed it too."

He added: "Many people like the fact that I openly speak about what I like, what I love, that I openly show my sexuality and fetishes. This inspires many and in turn, I am also inspired by the fact that people love it and it helps them.

"I used to have social media accounts in Russian, but then there was too much negativity. When I switched to English, many Russians were gone and the negativity also disappeared so I became more comfortable."

Yuri does not have wedding rings because he is involved with another sex doll called Lola.

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He said: "I did exchange rings with Margot so maybe I will come up with some kind of symbolic jewellery that we could all wear. We need to discuss it.

"So far, laws in our country do not even recognise same-sex marriages so nothing is officially registered. This is our personal story, and the story of my loved ones and those who love us."

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