Boris impersonator was walked around town on leash – in just Union Jack pants

A Boris Johnson impersonator has said that people were "in complete awe" as he was led around a town on a leash wearing just his Union Jack pants.

Drew Galdron, who goes by Faux BoJo on social media, has been impersonating the outgoing Tory leader for nearly 12 years but admitted that a recent booking was among his most bizarre.

The 39-year-old was paid £100 to feature in the music video for Revolution Business, a new tune from transfemme goth metal artist Felicia, stripping down and being "tortured" as she raged against both the musical and political establishment.

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The video sees Drew humiliated, drenched in wine, locked in a tiny cage and led through the streets of Grantham by masked goons around the Margaret Thatcher statue.

He told the Daily Star: "The intention Felicia had for the video was to make it look more like she was torturing me as a captive.

"I don’t think the original idea was to make me look like I’m actually into it, but that idea became more of a feature during the process of filming."

Naturally, the sight of the Prime Minister leashed and crawling around Grantham in his undies attracted some attention, with a small crowd forming.

"I kind of had to [zone it out]," Drew explained.

"I was prepared for it, I felt prepared for it and I suppose I felt I could get in the zone.

"When the first curious people came over from the other side of the statue, most people looking at us were in complete awe, and [there were] very few negative reactions.

"I think one of the first people who came around filming, Felicia and I both jokingly reassured them: ‘It’s only a work meeting’."

A video of Drew crawling while Felicia performs to the camera was posted to Facebook by Josephine Jade, alongside the caption: "What on Earth have I just witnessed".

It has now been viewed more than 385,000 times.

"I'm so proud to live here," one person commented.

Another said: "My life will never be the same again after that."

A third joked: "Didn't take long for Boris to find a new job."

Explaining why Felicia chose to undress him at the Thatcher statue, Drew said: "I suppose there was a certain part of it, being the Maggie Thatcher statue that, it’s a symbol Boris would be sympathetic towards.

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"When I playing as that character in the video, having been so significantly tortured in the furore that happens at the end, I’m just clinging onto this motherly symbol for dear life. That’s sort of what they were trying to capture."

The parts of the video where Drew is "tortured" were actually filmed in a pub.

He added that he has a "few kinks" of his own, but "nothing as extreme as most of what goes on" in those scenes.


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