Boy, 12, undergoes horror surgery after shoving entire thermometer up his penis

A bizarre sexual experiment resulted in a 12 year-old boy undergoing a horror operation after he shoved an entire thermometer up his penis.

The eye watering actions of the unnamed lad in China saw him requiring bladder surgery after it, naturally, went horribly wrong.

He was rushed to hospital after inserting the medical device into his penis, while masturbating and suffering severe pain for nine hours when it got stuck.

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After x-rays revealed the thermometer had been inserted so far into the urinary tract that it had entered the boy's bladder, doctors elected to remove it using key-hole surgery.

Medics at The First People's Hospital of Longquanyi District were worried that yanking it out the way it went in would damage the youngster's organs.

The boy, from the city of Chengdu in central China, admitted that he had inserted the thermometer for sexual pleasure, a risky practise known as sounding, which carries multiple risks including getting stuck or lost.

Urologists, who detailed the case in the Asian Journal of Surgery, said they made a tiny surgical hole in the tissue to the bladder, then using tiny tools to work the thermometer into the correct position to remove it

Despite the success of the operation there was no mention whether the boy suffered any long-term complications from his experimentation.

Lead author of the case report, Dr Changxing Ke, said the boy inserted the thermometer into his penis to masturbate as a result of "feelings of curiosity" as well as "a lack of sex education".

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