Cafe selling monster deep-fried lasagne burger with belly-busting 1,500 calories

Can’t decide between burger or lasagne?

One restaurant has created a belly-busting dish that means you don’t have to miss out on either.

The Corner has teased the launch of their brand new deep-fried lasagne burger, which features a monster square of lasagne covered in batter, deep fried, and hugged in a bun with some token lettuce.

The restaurant, in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, revealed a cross-section of the beasty burger on social media ahead of their reopening, which will see crazy new specials created by owner Ant Turner every month, reports 2Chill.

On why he created the deep-fried lasagne burger, he simply replied: “Why not? We’ve done a deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich before, which went down really well, as well as some challenges like the one-metre burrito and a hot wing challenge.

“We’re going to be offering changing monthly specials coming out of the pandemic, and this will be the first!”

The Corner also created a burger inspired by Staffordshire’s local delicacy, the oatcake!

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The deep-fried lasagne burger will cost £14, served with a side of fries and homemade coleslaw, at a total of around 1,500 calories.

It’s made using a regu that takes four hours, with a homemade bechamel sauce.

Ant added: “I just make as many layers as possible and then finish by topping it with lots of mozzarella!”

Do you think you could finish the deep fried lasagne burger?

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