Cat sitter’s lies exposed after owner discovers moggie joined them on holiday

A cat sitter was caught lying to the moggy's owner after she said the pet was coping well, before the mum revealed it has snuck into the camper van and went on holidays with the family.

Mum-of-two Meagan, who lives in Idaho, went viral on TikTok after she shared an unexpected update from her camping trip – their cat called Figgy had snuck into the camper van and tagged along.

However, the pet sitter that was supposed to be looking after the AWOL pet doubled down and lied to Meagan, saying the cat was coping well without her family.

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Meagan shared a screenshot of the awkward text exchange online.

In her opening message, she writes: "Hey! How's the cat doing?," knowing that the moggie had snuck into the caravan, and was on holiday with them.

But the cat sitter apparently replied: "Great! Just checked on her, she's so sweet."

Meagan bluntly replied: "She snuck in our camper," along with a pic of the cheeky cat.

Meagan didn't reveal whether the cat sitter replied to the revelation or not.

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Her video detailing the exchange racked up more than 400,000 views on TikTok and left viewers reeling at the claim from the cat-sitter.

One viewer commented: "I would totally get a new cat sitter for sure though."

Another wrote: "The cat sitter probably thought she left the cat out and didn't want to tell you. She was probably frantically looking for that cat."

"I'm a pet sitter and I would have said ''I've looked everywhere and I know didn't run out when I walked inside. HELP?!"

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