Chilling mystery of Scarface star, 18 who vanished after 3 desperate calls

Actress, teen model and beauty queen Tammy Lynn Leppert disappeared under mysterious circumstances at the age of 18.

The rising star appeared in the 1983 film Scarface as the girl who distracted the lookout car during the bloody chainsaw shower sene. Three months after the release she vanished.

Shortly before her disappearance, the teen's mother claimed Leppert became obsessed with the delusion someone was out to murder her because she had "seen something she shouldn't have" while at a party.

Leppert was last seen at Cocoa Beach in Florida on July 6, 1983 – nearly 39 years ago. She was wearing a blue denim shirt decorated with flowers, along with a matching skirt, and a grey purse.

She attempted to call a friend moments before she vanished into thin air but failed to reach them after three ‘urgent’ calls.

According to police reports, there were no clues or suspects at the time. Two suspected serial killers were linked to the crime but neither was convicted. Especially since her body has never been found.

There was speculation that Leppert may have been mixed up in a drug scandal. Other rumours claim she may have been pregnant

At least 14 sets of human remains have been examined in the search for Tammy – but all of them have been ruled out. Leppert’s family are still desperate for answers.

The beauty queen began appearing in pageants at the age of four. Over the years she competed in nearly 300 beauty pageants, taking home about 280 crowns.

Leppert starred in the hit movie ‘Spring Break’ in 1982. She went unaccompanied to a party and came home from the party "a different person", according to her close friend Wing Flannagan's testimony.

The teen told her mother that she had "seen something awful, that (she) was not supposed to see", but would not elaborate as she was insistent "they" would come after her.

Her mother felt obliged to have her examined by a doctor, but after 72 hours in a medical centre, Leppert was released and there seemed to be no signs of drug or alcohol use.

In 1983 she appeared in the Al Pacino film Scarface but on the fourth day of shooting, she became hysterical at the sight of fake blood and quit the movie, as reported by The Sun.

Her paranoia became more rampant as she believed she was a target for poisoning – refusing to drink from open containers and insisting on eating from other people's plates.

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Almost four decades on, her heartbroken sister Suzanne is still hoping for a breakthrough and runs a Facebook page urging anyone with a shred of information to come forward to police.

On Leppert's birthday in February, Suzanna posted an emotional tribute as she promised to "never quit looking" for her sister.

She wrote: "Happy Birthday Tammy. I have looked a very long time for you and as long as I am still alive I will never quit looking for you.

" I pray in Jesus's name God is keeping you safe and watching over you and taking care of you and you are happy.

"I pray this is the year we will find out what happened to you.

"It has been too long not knowing what happened to you.

"We love you and want to know you are ok."

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