Conspiracy frenzy as huge mystery-shaped object spotted on live TV report

Astonishing footage appearing to show a silver UFO hurtling across the overcast sky has been spotted on a live TV report.

Thousands of people noticed the mysterious shape appearing on a news segment from Sao Paolo, Brazil, last week and multiple conspiracy channels have covered it on YouTube.

In the clip, a Brazil Urgente reporter is heard speaking about a storm hitting the city when the object appears to the right of the screen.

It hurtles across the screen in a straight line and is gone within 10 seconds.

Among the YouTubers to have noticed the baffling sighting was The Hidden Underbelly 2.0.

“We have this object that doesn’t seem to have any wings, it looks stone-shaped. The way this thing is moving is incredible.

“It doesn’t seem to be a plane, a blimp doesn’t move that fast and judging by the buildings below this is a huge object.

“It’s too huge to be a drone, I even doubt the military will have something like this. This is just insane.”

Another YouTube channel, UFOmania, cited unnamed experts to claim that the object was traveling at “twice the speed of sound”.

And viewers have flooded social media to voice their own thoughts on what the shape could be.

“It also looks like it could be a disc-shaped object seen at the side angle,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Looks like the ‘TicTac’ to me.”

A third added: “I think that is one of the most real videos I have seen in a long time.”

But not everyone was convinced by the footage, with some suggesting it could have been as a result of CGI.

It comes as another huge cigar-shaped object was spotted hovering off the California coastline.

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