A stunning image captured of the skies over the Philippines may have a UFO hiding in it, according to a well-known conspiracy theorist.

The photo was taken last month, and shows a rainbow light in the skies over General Santos.

Scott C Waring posted the photo to UFO Sightings Daily , and claims that an enormous UFO is hiding in the image.

He wrote: “This awesome UFO was hiding above a cloud during sunset and for a few minutes the cloaked craft was visible to the naked eye.

“Such beautiful colours and notice the round disk edge of the craft. This looks to be at least 500 meters across.”

However, not everyone is so convinced that it’s a UFO.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, suggests that the rainbow effect may just be a trick of the light.

Speaking to Mirror Online, Mr Watson said: “Spectacular pictures of a sunset, giving a halo effect that can be interpreted as a flying saucer – well by Scott Waring anyway!

“I don’t see where he gets the estimated size of the ‘object’ as 500 metres across, without knowing the distance and size of the the cloud.

“Anyway it looks good but tin foil hats can go on standby for the time being.”

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