Cosmonaut shares new video of strange lights moving in ‘formation’ past ISS

Cosmonaut Ivan Vagner has captured another sighting of strange lights appearing to move in formation near the International Space Station – and now thinks he knows what they are.

The space traveller shared a similar video last month, which involved a group of five "UFOs" appearing near the aurora lights above the Antarctic.

On Saturday, he posted a new time-lapse clip on Twitter, showing at least six white lights lining up after each other as they passed at a synchronised speed and a slanted angle.

Filming from the ISS, the camera shows the curvature of Earth and stars in the dark.

The lights then come into view for a few seconds after the spacecraft goes past the aurora.

Ivan did not state the approximate location where he spotted the illuminating orbs.

But he wrote: "Once more our strangers passed by in a formation at 00:24-00:30 seconds of the new space time-lapse video. The mystery seems to be solved!

"These are satellites, more and more of them every time. Soon, the sky will be full of spacecraft!"

The video has been viewed more than 18,000 times with stargazers commenting on the sighting.

A fan wrote: "Incredible view on orbit. Indeed really mysterious atmosphere."

A second asked if the set of lights could be from Elon Musk's Starlink satellites.

But some said it might be some mysterious UFOs.

One commented: "I doubt it! They always say they are satellites or natural phenomena!"

Another viewer added: "Strange satellite formation friend, with all due respect. If they were the Starlinks they would go in a row and here they go in parallel."

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