Couple DESPERATE to leave home after making terrifying discovery on baby camera

Heather Brough, 25, was shocked to discover three deep “purple scratches” on her one-year-old baby Lily Higgins’ cheek in the middle of the night.

She decided to check the baby monitor in search for an explanation for the injuries and is convinced she found a ghost.

The clip appears to show a mystery figure walking briskly behind Lily’s crib.

It seems to wake the child, who quickly stands up and looks around for an explanation.

Heather – who lives with fiancé Josh Higgins, 30, at his mum Kris’ guesthouse – believes the figure was a “spirit”.

“I don’t know what its intentions are but at this point it’s becoming physically harmful,” she said.

“This has made us want to leave as soon as possible. As soon as possible we’re out of here.

“Seeing Lily’s face with the scratches was so bizarre and frightening.

“There was no explanation as to how that would have happened. It happened within 20 minutes.”

“It shook me to the point where I decided to buy our camera.”

Kris explained the guesthouse has a creepy past.

The previous owner died after falling down the stairs and lying there for a long time before passing away.

The guesthouse was built for her brother, who was a schizophrenic.

“He has also passed away,” Kris added. “I don’t know how or where – but that’s the background I was told.”

It comes after a mum was left shocked after discovering how her gate had been left open overnight.

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