‘Creepy’ moment toddler claims to be great-gran sparking ‘reincarnation’ theory

A mum has captured the "creepy" moment that her two-year-old daughter told her that she was her own great-great-grandma in toddler speak.

Sharing the moment on TikTok, mum @gi_gi216 filmed her little girl looking at an old black-and-white photo of her grandmother and great-grandmother.

Her daughter, Ella, repeatedly puts her hand over the great-grandmother in the framed picture, exclaiming: "That's me."

"My two year old found a picture of my grandma and great grandmother. She is saying she is my great grandmother," the TikToker wrote.

The creeped out mother explained in the comments that they were in her mum's house and Ella was seeing the photo for the first time.

"She never saw this picture before and could not have known that it's my grandma and [great]-grandmother," she said.

In the clip, the little girl continues to repeat: "This one's me."

"Which one's you?" @gi_gi216 replies.

"That’s grandma and me," Ella says back, holding the frame up to show her mum.

"That’s grandma and me."

"Show mama which one's you," the mother says again.

"This one," Ella replies, putting her finger over her mother's great-grandmother.

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The TikToker clarified in the comments that the person Ella is pointing to is her great-great-grandmother.

"She never saw this pic before," she said.

The poster added that it was an emotional moment for her mum.

"My mom almost cried. She just framed this pictured. My daughter told my mom the same thing except this is mommy's grandma and me. I NEVER said it was grandma or explained who either person was to her," she said.

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Viewers of the TikTok clip have been left shocked by what they've seen and many have shared their own stories of children claiming to be deceased relatives.

"My son is my mother," wrote one woman.

"One day he called me dollbaby… I almost fell off my chair… she's been dead for 10 years [and] NO ONE knows she called me that."

Another wrote: "My daughter has said many times, 'When you were in my belly,' or 'When you were my daughter' … my mom died when I was 5."

A third shared: "My daughter is my grandpa. She sings his barber shop gang songs. I don't even know them."

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