Donald Trump election: Astrologer predicts WIN but claims Democrats ‘steal presidency’

The last stretch of the race to the White House is on in full swing as millions of Americans cast their ballot for one of two candidates. Incumbent President Donald Trump hopes to secure another four years in office today (Tuesday, November 3) despite weeks of trailing behind in the polls. His Democrat rival Joe Biden was given the upper hand last night by pollsters, with some predicting as much as a nine-point lead on President Trump.

On Monday, poll analysts at FiveThirtyEight gave Mr Biden predicted 89 out of 100 outcomes in which the Democrat wins the US election 2020.

The analysts also predicted Pennsylvania will be a key tipping-point state, saying: “He leads Trump there by about five points in our polling average, but it’s not as large a margin as Biden might like.”

And yet, President Trump is positive he still has a fighting chance of securing another term in office.

Appearing on Fox & Friends this morning, he said: “When there’s victory, if there’s victory, I think we’ll have victory, I think the polls are, you know suppression polls, and I think we’ll have victory.

“I think, you know, I look at it as being a very, um, you know, a very solid chance of winning.

“I don’t know what the chances are, I don’t know how they rate the chances, but I think we have a very solid chance of winning.”

President Trump has now been backed by a number of astrologers, mystics and numerologists, one of whom predicts a turbulent election result.

According to the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, Donald Trump will get his second term in office, but only after a drawn-out fight with the Democrats.

Astrologer Pavel Carlin said: “The Democrats won’t respect the outcome, and Joe Biden will steal the presidency.”

And the mystic Sana Kuma similarly believes America is headed towards a surprising election result.

In her opinion, President Trump will win again but not through a knockout result.

His reelection, she said, will strengthen the US economy which will then flourish in the coming years.

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The popular astrologer Tova Safra also believes President Trump will remain in office for another four years.

According to her interpretation of the stars, the results might be unclear at first, but a Republican victory is guaranteed.

None of these claims, however, match what the polls and analysts have been saying for weeks now.

There is also no evidence to support the claim astrology has any sway over reality whatsoever.

According to Brian Dunning, a science writer and host of the Skeptoid podcast, astrology amounts to nothing more than magic.

He said: “People who are big believers in their horoscopes are probably going to continue to remain so, no matter how much evidence they’re shown that any perceived effect is imaginary.

“But for those who are on the fence, this information is crucial, given that some leaders in government and business employ astrology in their decision making.

“If someone with authority over your life is making important decisions based on magical beliefs, you should trust the science, not the authority.”

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