Dozens of mysterious flashing lights seen hovering above Texas city

A collection of mysterious flashing white lights have been spotted “floating” in the skies above a Texas city – sparking a hive of theories as to what they are.

The footage was shared to Reddit earlier today (June 21) after being taken in the city of Athens.

It shows a vast number of white orb-like objects soaring above the cameraperson in the night sky.

They appear to be moving in some sort of formation and look like they are flashing.

Across the video, a caption reads: “Anyone else see these lights floating about in Athens?”

Since being posted, dozens of viewers have posted their thoughts in the comments section.

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Some conspiracy theorists were quick to jump to the “alien” conclusion.

“I'm not saying it's aliens but it’s aliens,” one wrote.

Others were determined to find a more worldly explanation behind the strange sight.

Some suggested the objects were nothing but balloons with LED lights attached.

But this was shut down by one viewer, who commented: “The only thing less believable for sighting like this are balloons, most notably because you know that balloons don't maneuver at all.”

Someone else added: “It could potentially be a lot of Mylar balloons that are high up enough to still reflect the sun, but that’s all I can come up with.

“Pretty interesting nonetheless. Great vid!”

Another suggestion was that the objects were drones, adding: “They’ve done light shows with them before.”

While a fourth viewer offered SpaceX’s Starlink satellites as a possible explanation.

“Starlink Satellites orbiting and reflecting sunlight,” they said. “Usually after sunset and predawn.

“It is otherworldly to watch. Saw them up here in Portland last month.”

It comes after the infamous “tic-tac” UFO that the Pentagon have investigated was supposedly seen over the UK by baffled Brits.

While one woman claims she has not only met an alien but has fallen in love with it after being “abducted”.

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