Dumped sex doll mistaken for dead body in skip left woman ‘ready to call Luther’

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A woman was horrified to find a sex doll inside a skip which she first thought was a dead body.

Cara Levy, 26, vows to never return to Harlow Recycling Centre in Essex after spotting a life-like figure lying on a mound of household waste.

What disturbed the business developer most about the sex doll, was how it had been dressed in underwear and was still wearing a wig when discarded.

Crime buff Cara, who joked she was close to calling BBC's Luther, told the Daily Star: "It was so realistic and so grim.

"I’ve seen weird bits displayed in sex shops before but never in full form and never one so realistic. There was a wig on it and they also had put some underwear on it."

Cara explained she and her partner Chris Hobson, 30, headed to the tip at around 9:30am on Monday October 4, but nothing could have prepared them for what was awaiting their arrival.

As they emptied their car of rubbish and approached the designated skip for household waste at Harlow Recycling Centre, the couple were shocked to find an almost naked body.

Lying on her side in a skip of what appeared to be carpet underlay was a full-sized sex doll, partially covered by a black bin bag.

Cara from Epping said: "It was around 9:30/10am and we were taking loads of bags of trash that we forgot to sort properly ahead of normal bin collection – we learned our lesson!

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"The doll looked like it had been there for no more than a day or so as it was on the top of the bin. It was left there like flapping in the wind out in the open.

"Thank God it wasn't in the skip for recyclables.

"I can only imagine the weirdo dropping it off, not in a bag or anything."

Cara who years ago swapped California for life in the UK instantly took to Instagram to share her horror when she saw the 'body'.

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Censoring the doll's rear, she captioned a snap of it saying: "It's a doll btw. I thought it was a body though at first since I watch so much crime TV… was ready to call Luther up."

It was not long before the couple saw the funny side to the unusual item which appeared to no longer serve a purpose for its owner.

What led to the doll being thrown away remains a mystery but it has certainly left Cara and Chris wondering what goes on behind closed doors in the area.

"We both just were laughing and had to take some pics for the gram," Cara added.

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"We also talked about how our local neighbours were absolute freaks. Weird things happen in Essex.

"I never want to go back to the dump!"

An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “The item is likely to have originated from someone’s home, so is classified as household waste.

“There’s nothing preventing an item like this being disposed of at one of our centres and there is no specific guidance. We’re not aware this has happened previously.”

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