Energy crisis: US firm strikes major UK deal to slash waste and power thousands of homes

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KORE Power, a major US-based battery firm, has signed a deal with British energy companies to help build a battery storage facility that could also power over 60,000 homes. As the UK increases its investment in renewable energy, experts have warned that the country needs to rapidly scale up its energy storage systems, in order to prevent the power generated from effectively going to waste.

The battery manufacturer will supply batteries for a 10MW/20MWh battery storage project that is under development between ABB and energy supplier Ecotricity.

This facility, known as the Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) will be installed at Ecotricity’s existing 6.9 MW wind farm in Gloucestershire in 2023.

Speaking to, Lindsay Gorrill, CEO of KORE Power, said: “The batteries have enough capacity to power more than 60,000 UK homes for one hour.”

Experts warned that the lack of critical infrastructure has led to the UK wasting large amounts of energy, particularly from wind farms, in order to prevent the National Grid from overloading.

Because of the lack of sufficient interconnecting cables joining energy-rich remote regions of the UK and power-hungry city centres like London, the UK has to pay around a billion pounds a year asking energy projects like wind farms to shut off, Kona Energy, a British energy firm previously told

Mr Gorrill continued: “We founded KORE to power the energy transition with advanced battery technology.

“We know that battery storage is the foundation of scalable clean energy.

“Grid-scale batteries can smooth the peaks and valleys created by renewable generation, respond instantly to stabilize the electric grid, and make a clean, efficient, and affordable electric system possible.”

This deal comes amidst growing collaboration between the US and the UK in developing renewable energy technologies, in a bid to end the energy crisis and reduce reliance on fossil fuels imported from Russia.

Following a meeting with US diplomats last month, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said: “The UK and US are determined to utilise the strength of our unique relationship through the Energy Dialogue to help European countries end their reliance on Russian oil and gas, and to strengthen collaboration on new nuclear power and clean energy technologies.

“We also discussed the role British and American companies will play in investing in growing our economies and steps we need to take to ensure secure supply chains and critical minerals.”

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Mr Gorrill added: “The UK and US are both responding to the impacts of climate change and global spikes in fossil fuel prices. 

“t’s clearer than ever that clean energy technology is a tool we can use to decrease the influence of adversary countries while creating a sustainable energy future.  

“As we shift to electric vehicles and build a better electric grid, businesses on both sides of the Atlantic are creating new jobs at home and learning from each other’s experience.”

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