Facebook’s latest feature will make your news feed way more annoying

We’ve all got those friends on Facebook who are constantly oversharing and clogging up your newsfeed.

Now, those people have a new way to share even more of what’s going on in their lives – in the form of a feature called ‘Lists.’

The feature, which was first spotted by TechCrunch , appears as a part of the ‘What’s on your mind?’ box as another option alongside Polls, Feeling/Activity, Photo/Video, Check In and GIF.

It allows users to make lists of anything they want, whether it’s To Do’s, bucket list ideas or travel plans.

Users can personalise their lists further with coloured backgrounds and emoji.

According to TechCrunch, the lists are designed with the idea that friends could copy each other’s lists to share their own opinions about the subject at hand.

The feature isn’t yet broadly available, but will be rolled out to global users from today.

Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/tech/facebook-launching-new-feature-make-12025326

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