First contact with aliens will be with our AI – and they’ll like it more than us
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    A top space boffin thinks ET will make contact with Terminators ahead of humans.

    Avi Loeb, 61, a professor of science at Harvard University in Massachusetts, US, reckons aliens are more likely to send drones than crewed vehicles to Earth.

    They are therefore more likely to make first contact with AI than people. Avi shared the theory in forthcoming TV documentary God Versus Aliens.

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    He said: “My expectation from interstellar travel is that it's best done with electronic gadgets and devices rather than with biological creatures because the journey takes a long time.

    “Even to the nearest star, it will take us 50,000 years to get there with chemical rockets.

    “And artificial intelligence systems have that patience – and then they can remain dormant so that they survive the journey.

    “If they visit us, of course, we can use our AI systems to interpret their AI systems.

    “And, you know, they might feel a kinship to them.''

    Avi reckons there could be 4,000,000,000,000,000,000 – or four quintillion – UFOs zipping around the solar system.

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    Seth Shostak, chief astronomer from the SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, told the TV show ET will be in touch by 2035 due to advancements in sky-scanning technology.

    He believes if they are more technologically advanced than humans folk on Earth might worship them as new alien gods.

    Yesterday, the Daily Star reported how an eerie alien figure has been discovered by AI in the Peruvian desert alongside a series of mysterious shapes known as Nazca Lines.

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    It comes after one study previously detected the lines in the Nazca Desert, southern Peru, which measured up to 370m long.

    The figures, collectively known as geoglyphs, have continuously sparked widespread curiosity and were designed between 500BC and 500AD.

    People created them by making shallow incisions in the desert floor, taking away pebbles and leaving coloured dirt exposed.

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