Giant penis-shaped cloud leaves locals in stitches with ‘stiff breeze’ jokes

A local Facebook weather service has become the butt of the joke after it posted a picture of a cloud that looks exactly like a penis.

The forecaster warned locals that the warmth seemed finally to be fading, with colder temperatures sneaking in.

Colder temperatures are closely associated with clouds – but none perhaps quite like this one.

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This cloud, snapped by a local weather service, was a little bit different.

Seemingly oblivious to the phallic nature of the cloud, Canterbury Highway & Weather Information said: “Our lovely warm weather comes to an end with a southerly hitting tonight bring a bit of rain. Nothing too crazy.

“It fines up a little Thursday and Friday before some more drizzle Saturday. Easterlies for the rest of the long weekend then it should warm up again next week.”

The good people of Facebook, specifically those who are enthusiastic about the weather in Canterbury, were quick to jump in a point out another way of seeing the large cumulous nimbus.

“That would be a smaller cloud in Otago,” said Chilly Willy. “Bit colder down there.”

Sonya Rowell said: “If there is any precipitation, the forecast is for sooner than expected and slightly disappointing”.

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“They say rain but all we get is a stiff breeze. Plus can someone catch my rabbit, it’s running off to the right…” said Bryan Olding.

Pulling out all the stops, Alex Wright said: “People really give meteorologists a hard time when they cock up and get the forecast wrong, people need to go easy on them when they have a hard stroke of luck and they shouldn’t have to face a stiff penalty when people hoist their mainsails, pitch their tents and water their aubergines in non-ideal weather conditions..”

“The foreski-.. sorry, forecast is looking absolutely fantastic this cumming week”, said Alex Stefanutti.

Jess Sprosen said: “Looks like this southerly is coming in hard and gonna give us a real pounding”.

Alan Raj joked: “The seasons are certainly changing down here. Those Cantabrians that were expecting a good 6 to eight 8 inches overnight”.

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