Golden retriever pup’s impossibly cute way of greeting his best friends

You may think that a golden retriever puppy and a shark have almost nothing in common – but this dog is doing a lot to prove that assumption wrong.

Louie, who is an English cream golden retriever, loves nothing more than to greet his human counterpart with a delicate bite on the arm, sinking his baby shark teeth in due to sheer excitement.

The video explains that the puppy only does this when he's excited to see someone, perhaps having to bite down or risk getting over-excited.

The clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @louiethecream, was a massive hit on the video sharing platform, with over 250,000 views and almost 50,000 likes.

Louie can be seen wagging his tail enthusiastically in the background of the video while he is led around by the mouth.

His owner even admitted in the clip’s caption that his baby teeth do pinch a little, but that she loves him so much she doesn’t care.

Some viewers could clearly relate, with one commenting: “Mine still does this as an adult. We’ve upgraded from baby shark to piranha mode.”

Another commenter wrote: “My golden would do this, and walk us over to a couch and make us sit so he could wiggle on us.”

A third added: “Louie please take off my arm.”

Golden retrievers have proved to be one of the most popular dog breeds on TikTok, having racked up over 14 billion views on the app.

Another goldie who recently enjoyed TikTok success was Mango, whose puppy dog eyes saw her rake in the likes.

Poor Mango was forced into a diet by her vet, something she was unaware of until her owner went to dish out her food and she received far less than expected.

As soon as the gorgeous dog realised what was going on, she gave her owner her most desperate look, turning on the charm in an effort to secure more food.

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Hank, another golden retriever, also received a lot of attention after a clip of him being the dog of honour at a wedding was posted on the app.

He showed up looking his most dapper, complete with sunglasses, a waistcoat and a bowtie, easily stealing the show.

The dog even had his own signature drink at the wedding, and downed his cocktail glass of water extremely quickly.

The Kennel Club describes golden retrievers as ‘kind, friendly and confident’, and they are well known for being intelligent and affectionate family dogs.

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