Google Earth frenzy as ’60ft man-made disc’ exposed by melting Antarctic ice

A Google Earth conspiracy theorist is convinced he has found a man-made flying saucer emerging from the melting ice in Antarctica.

YouTuber MrMBB333 made the apparent discovery after being sent the coordinates by a follower last week.

In a video posted to his channel, he zooms in on what seems to be a circular shape partially obscured by rocks.

“This appears to be a 60ft-wide disc sticking out of the ground apparently being recently revealed by the melting snow and ice,” he said.

“There is the object, it looks like it was intelligently designed.

“Half of it is under the ground the other half is on top of frozen snow and ice – you can tell this area started to thaw out.

“It is revealing this intelligently designed structure. That is not some random iceberg, that is a semi-circle.”

In his 9-minute-long video, the uploader edited the Google Earth images into negative format which he claimed also showed an “elevated circle” at the top of the structure.

He also suggested there was residue on the snow and ice emanating from the object.

The video has been seen a whopping 170,000 times since being shared on October 9, sparking a wave of suggestions from viewers in the comments section.

“It doesn't look stuck in the ground, it looks like it's hovering,” one bizarrely claimed.

“The black area under it looks like a shadow and if you look to your left, you will see a light source which looks like it's coming from inside of a cave or tunnel. This is a very interesting find.”

Another wrote: “Absolutely artificial. Someone said that, as the ice melted in Antarctica, we would begin to see ships reveal themselves and the government would have a very hard time explaining them away.”

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  • A third agreed, saying: “That's 100% something else. That's way too obvious no denying that at all.”

    But many others found more plausible explanations for the strange find.

    One sceptic suggested it was simply a “small pool of water”. Someone else said: “It is just a small pool of water. If you look around at the other features locally you will notice that the other bodies of water also have a similar hue.”

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