Google Maps user left ‘spooked’ after spotting ‘ghostly figure’ near cemetery

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A Google Maps user has been left spooked after coming across what looks like a ghostly figure in a remote woodlands near a cemetery.

The mysterious image, posted to the subreddit r/GoogleMaps, revealed what appears to be the outline of a white ghost in an empty forest.

The Reddit user captioned the screengrab: "When it comes to ghosts, I'm a cynic at best. But this street view's sun flare has me spooked."

The image has left many perplexed Reddit users guessing what the image could be.

It even had one user questioning their belief in ghosts with many sharing their theories.

One penned: "It happens to be near a cemetery, a torn down covered bridge and what seems like an abandoned lodge. If ghosts had to exist, this seems like a likely place for all that to coagulate? I don't believe in ghosts normally, it's all in spooky fun for me and yet this gives me pause."

Another wrote: "That's very creepy, right next to a cemetery too."

The finding had many users completely puzzled at what the shape could be.

Another user wrote: "Bizarre, what could it be?"

While a second said: "That's a ghost if I ever saw one."

One eagle-eyed sleuth put on their thinking hat and believed it was due to the camera lens.

They wrote: "It could be the camera's lens caused by the sun being pretty low almost in the same height. The camera is pointing vertically."

Another suggested: "Is the camera lens dirty?"

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In other Google Maps news, Reddit users have been left scratching their heads after a user spotted a "weird symbol" that "looks like a face" in the water off the coast of Santa Barbara, California

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He posted the snap, saying: "What is this weird looking thing in the ocean?"

Some have claimed the three cylinders look like a face in the water, while others have claimed it could even be Morse Code.

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