Google Maps user spots secluded desert facility sparking ‘alien research’ theory

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A Google Maps user has discovered an interesting remote facility in the US and has prompted Reddit users to question whether it could be a centre for alien research.

Uploaded by Reddit user u/APicketFence, appears to show an all white facility with four buildings and even an helipad.

Some have speculated the facility could be an alien research centre for study of extraterrestrial beings, while others joked it could be the fictional fast food chain Los Pollos Hermanos from TV series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Meanwhile, other hungry users also believe it could be something to do with Taco Bell.

The location is said to be in Southeast Arizona and very close to the United States border of Mexico and the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge.

The facility is very easy to miss if looking for it on an initial search of Google Maps with it appearing as a small dot surrounded by nothing but a natural environment for miles.

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One user said: “Let's see: in the middle of nowhere, security fence and automatic gate, lots of lights on tall poles, a long cement walkway leading to a helicopter pad, lots of structures including one large building and one building that looks like it has a giant tall cage attached on one end — it is like something out of the X Files.

“Evil lair outpost? Alien research centre?”

Another user wrote: “It's Arizona so it's either aliens or some random a** warehouse that doesn't really have a purpose.”

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As another joked: “Please we all know what it really is. It's where Taco Bell hides its Bells.”

Although users seemed to be enjoying speculating with wild theories of a facility for extraterrestrial life, some had more down to earth theories.

Due to its close proximity to the border, some users suggest it could be a government building used by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or used by US Customs and Border Protection officers (CBP).

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