Infamous haunted prison that saw murders gives urban explorers ‘goose bumps’

A photographer sent chills down the spines of their Facebook followers after sharing snaps of an infamous haunted prison in Illinois.

The Old Joliet prison opened in 1858 with the first 33 inmates arriving from Alton in May that year and it was in operation for over two centuries confining criminals and Civil War prisoners within its walls.

But since it opened the prison became the scene of several murders, with the first prison officer to be killed on its grounds being Joseph Clark as the correctional centre's population grew to over 1,000 inmates.

Eventually, it all became too much as 2002 budget cuts meant the holding prison could no longer be in operation and the prison closed.

Since then, the empty building has been converted into an infamous haunted house attraction that as the prison is said to be rife with paranormal activity.

Urban explorers have claimed to see the faces of the prisoners and feel negative energy as they walk around the halls.

But that hasn't been enough to scare away one brave photographer known as Dark Trix Photography LLC who claimed to be privileged for the opportunity to take snaps of the eerie, derelict prison.

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Sharing her images, the photographer wrote: "I would have never imagined I would get the opportunity to shoot at the Old Joliet Prison!

"It was a dream to be inside the walls of such an infamous location."

But their fans were shocked they were able to set foot in the location without being terrified as they claimed just looking at the shadowy images was enough to scare them off.

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One user said: "I don't like this place at all…how did you survive the visit. this place is so cold…freezing..and I feel cold hands around my neck."

Another said: "Imagine all the sadness and despair that has lived in there."

A third wrote: "I can feel the prisoners there the past bad and negative."

A fourth added: "These photos gave me goosebumps"

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The news comes after Abandoned UK Facebook page posted eerie photos that sent a chill down the spines of their fans as they showed rotting skulls and broken tombs in the crypt.

The charred bones were hidden inside a white vault that has a large black cross on the wall but the crypt has since been closed off.

It's not clear what happened to the people whose bones were found in there but the building was said to have belonged to a satanic family that stole from other churches and was designed by a man who cut off his own hands after the building work was finished.

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