Inside the strange business of sex robot voices

If you’re fed-up with your day job, then this could be for you: why not get paid to be the voice of a sex robot?

Sex robots have become something of a sensation recently, with ultra-realistic sex robots starting to appear in bedrooms, brothels and even on morning TV show sofas.

But those life-like lovers are nothing without a personality, and manufacturers have realized just how important it is to nail sex robots’ voices as well as their looks.

Developer Dr. Sergi Santos, who wants his $3,350 sex robots to be more than just silicone, has launched a website where customers can download custom voice packages for their AI lovers.

Different voices, including romantic, sexual and even family-themed packages can be put on a memory card and then plugged into the bot, letting owners change their personalities as and when they please.

The site, called VoiceBook, accepts anonymous submissions from women willing to lend their voice to Samantha, the intelligent sex robot so realistic that men have started falling in love her.

Voices for the sex robot, which went on sale last month, are already available online, but the creator wants customers to have access to even more options alongside Samantha’s default speech package.

And now the Daily Star reports that there’s money to be made for women willing to put words into Samantha’s silicone mouth.

If you’re okay with strangers hearing your voice as they make love to a robot, then you could pocket a tidy profit by uploading a voice package for customers to plug into Samantha.

Voice actors will be paid a chunk of the revenue from selling their package to customers, meaning the more people like the sound of you, the more money you’ll make.

Santos, from Barcelona, told Daily Star Online: “The voices will be, in principle, copyrighted, as in music.”

“They will be packages, and each will belong to the person giving the voice.”

“If they want to stop it they will always have control to do so.”

“Payment for the voice will be a fraction of each unit sold. So the more they sell the more they make.”

Samantha, designed by Synthea Amatus and manufactured in China, is really starting to take off so now could be a good time to get in on the sexbot action.

They’re available from the official Synthea Amatus website at

And women who want to help bring Samantha to life can head over to the VoiceBook site to become a vendor.


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