Life on Mars: UFO hunter thinks he found a ‘demon face’ and ‘ancient temple’ built by ETs

Although Mars’s desolate landscape is inhospitable to life as we know it, conspiracy theorists are convinced aliens once called the Red Planet home. UFO researchers like Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, browse through thousands of official NASA photos every day, pointing out rock formations and anomalies they believe can prove their bizarre theories. And despite the supposed “proof” being questionable at best, many people buy into the idea we are not alone in the Universe.

On Wednesday, Mr Waring shared a list of 12 Martian anomalies he claimed were alien-built structures.

The objects were all snapped by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which has been photographing the surface of Mars since August 2012.

Among his discoveries, Mr Waring listed a “jar and cylinder”, a “demon face” and an “ancient temple”.

He published his findings to YouTube and his blog, saying: “Guys this is 100 percent proof that NASA hides evidence of life from the public.

“I was searching through a Mars photo and found hundreds of ancient artefacts in just one photo, but I focus on about 12 of the best in this video below.

“So if you really want to see NASA is hiding from the public and if you think you are ready to learn the truth about aliens, then watch the video I made below.”

The 12 “alien items” listed by Mr Waring are:

1. Old warrior head

2. Jar and cylinder

3. Casket and statue

4. Ancient temple

5. Demon face at temple

6. Two other temple entrances into the hillside – three in total

7. Basketball shoe

8. Circle face over temple entrance

9. Demon face at temple entrance

10. Arm with dragon armour on it

11. Mantle over temple entrance

12. Warn walking path into rectangle entrance into hill

However, Mr Waring’s 10-minute video does not appear to show anything out of the ordinary.

At one point he zooms in on a boulder, claiming it resembles an ancient vase.

He also pointed out a shadowy rock that, in his opinion, had face-like features.

And yet, the claims were met with some degree of enthusiasm on YouTube as Mr Waring’s work was praised.

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One person said: “Great work man! Keep up the amazing work I check daily.”

Another person said: “You didn’t mention the two hands (or gloved hands).

“One is at 10 o’clock from the helmet guy, the other to the left of the vase as you look at it.

“Also above the vase is what looks like the corner of another coffin, perfect right angle.”

But all of these supposed discoveries can be easily explained through a psychological effect known as pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a form of apophenia and describes the brain’s tendency to recognisable shapes and patterns in everyday objects.

Pareidolia can, for example, cause people to see animals in clouds or face in car bumpers.

Astronomer Larry Sessions explained: “Everyone experiences it from time to time.

“Seeing the famous man in the Moon is a classic example from astronomy.”

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