‘Living Nostradamus’ begs for ‘open mind’ on secrets and mysteries of Antarctica

A 'living Nostradamus' who claims he can predict the future reckons Antarctica could "hold hidden secrets that have yet to be discovered".

Athos Salomé, who claims to have foreseen coronavirus, Elon Musk buying Twitter and even the Queen's death, thinks the mysterious continent could even "hold evidence of an advanced prehistoric civilisation or even an alien base".

The Brazilian seer said: "One of Antarctica's most intriguing enigmas is the theory that there are underground structures or even an ancient civilisation buried beneath the ice.

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“Some conspiracy theorists suggest that these structures could be evidence of an advanced prehistoric civilisation or even an alien base.

“While these theories are often considered fanciful, we cannot deny the possibility that Antarctica holds hidden secrets that have yet to be discovered."

One of the mysteries Athos discussed is the rumoured “Antarctic Hole”.

This cavern – speculated about by conspiracy theorists for many years but never proven to exist – has variously been described as the last remnant of an ancient civilisation, and alien base, and a secret final bolt-hole for the Nazi high command at the end of World War Two.

Athos added: "Although it is difficult to confirm the veracity of these allegations, it is interesting to consider the possibility that there are hidden structures under the ice that have not yet been revealed to the world."

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What is known for certain about the frozen continent is that at least 400 sub-glacial lakes, some of which have been sealed beneath the ice for over a million years.

Despite these icy lakes being one of the most extreme environments on Earth, life still exists within them.

John Priscu, a professor of polar ecology at the University of Montana, saod after sending a probe into one of the lakes: "We saw lots of bacteria — and the [lake] system has enough organic matter, you would think, to support higher life-forms.”

Athos said: “These discoveries raise questions about the possibility of more complex life existing in these unexplored regions. Could Antarctica hide life forms unknown to science?”

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“Antarctica remains one of the most fascinating and enigmatic places on our planet. Its secrets hidden beneath the ice sheet arouse the curiosity of scientists, researchers and enthusiasts of the unknown.

“While we cannot say for sure the existence of a lost civilisation, secret bases or unknown life forms, it is important to keep an open mind and continue exploring this unique region.

“Antarctica holds secrets that have yet to be fully revealed, and perhaps one day, these mysteries will be unravelled, revealing new facets of our world and human nature itself."

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