Man claims to have had ‘sex’ in another galaxy after ‘interdimensional travel’

A time travelling bloke has claimed to have experienced “interdimensional travel” and “had sex” in another galaxy.

The strange admission came from the most popular Time Travel group on social media site Facebook.

Posted by someone called Siya Michelangelo Manci, the person said that the experience was definitely “real” and note a dream.

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He posted: “In my sleep, I've experienced some interdimensional travel.

“A channel like tunnel was opened in the heavens, saw different stars and galaxies, I went through the tunnel – it was so bright and shiny.

“It felt real not a dream.

“The other day, I left my bed; had an interdimensional travel.

“Met someone, we spoke, we connected, we had sex.

“We promised each other we shall meet again.

“Then we went back to our normal places.”

While there is no way to prove what the bloke is saying is true, one person suggested that he had actually “astral travelled”.

For the unaware, astral travelling – also know as astral projection – is where you essentially have an out-of-body experience,

It hinges on the belief that humans after an “astral” body, or spirit outside of their own body which they can sometimes harness to have experiences they would not be able to have in their human body, such as having sex with someone from another universe.

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The concept of astral projection actually stems from Ancient Egypt, where there were claims of souls of recently dead people being able to be seen hovering over their former physical bodies.

However, responding to the bloke who thinks he had sex with someone from another universe through this method, someone replied to his Facebook comment with: “Nar, it's a dream (sic).”

No concrete evidence has ever been provided to prove that astral projecting is a real concept.

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