Michael Jackson ‘alive’ say fans who are ‘scared’ by realistic impersonator

Michael Jackson is alive according to a wild conspiracy theory that his "scary" accurate impersonator is really The King of Pop himself living in plain sight.

Sergio Cortes has previously been urged to get a DNA test to prove he is MJ by devoted fans who also claim his version of Thriller is evidence that the two men are "identical".

The talented singer and dancer, originally from Spain, has accidentally inflamed the conspiracy theory again by uploading a video of one of his live Michael Jackson tribute performances to announce new dates for his world tour.

In the video, Sergio can be seen belting out Man In The Mirror and stamping in time to the percussion as he croons the lyrics: "You gotta make that change".

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The uncanny impersonator is also wearing a very MJ-like shiny blue jacket.

When he posted the clip to his Facebook last night, confused fans appeared to get him mixed up with Michael Jackson – who they referred to in the present tense.

"Great. I miss you, Michael," said one of Sergio's devoted followers.

Another person said they had seen "Michael Jackson" perform only recently, writing: "We saw MJ Live in Vegas a few years back.

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"It was amazing. If you get the chance, go see him. He’s great."

Meanwhile, when the same video was uploaded onto Sergio's Instagram page, the conspiracy theorists really went to town.

A suspicious fan wrote: "Sometimes I think he is the real mj….. Craaazyyyy."

Coming across as bewildered by the remarkable performance, another follower asked Sergio: "Wowww is this you?"

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"Is that you?" said a second baffled fan.

Going even further, a third said: "Yep. We need DNA! How can you look, move and sing like Mike?

"Frikkin' amazing, man! I'd even say almost scary!"

"Wow can't be u singing lol so real scared," another person added in a similar vein.

Sergio Cortes looks so much like Michael Jackson that some people have suggested he has had plastic surgery – but the lookalike went on the record to insist he is "all natural" in a Facebook comment.

Michael Jackson died aged 50 in his Los Angeles home on 25 June 2009 from a heart attack after his doctor, Conrad Murray, gave him a propofol overdose.

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

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