Mysterious poo that ‘must be from a Bigfoot’ found close to countryside hotel

The owners of a hotel say they "must have been" visited by a Bigfoot after some unidentified poo was found in the woods near to their property.

The Steamboat Inn in North Umpqua, Oregon, took to Instagram to share images of the possible Sasquatch scat.

According to the post, the person who found it is very familiar with the woods in the US state and had never seen anything like it before.

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The caption read: "Travis is an avid outdoorsman but has never seen this scat.

"For reference, he wears a size 13. Our friendly neighborhood Sasquatch must have been watching over the Inn."

Travis' size 13 boot appears to be dwarfed in size by the collection of animal faeces.

Someone in the comments section suggested that it may be wolf scat, although the image looks slightly different to images of wolf scat online.

The sheer amount of it would be a hell of a lot for a wolf to produce and, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, there were only 175 wolves in the entire state as of 2021.

This isn't the first time possible Bigfoot poo has been found.

In 2007, the North American Wood Wood Ape Conservancy examined five specimens of preserved faeces and three specimens of animal hair suspected to be of Bigfoot origin.

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They found that two of the faecal and two of the hair specimens were attributable to known animals, but the remaining samples were not.

Their report concluded: "As scientists, we remain open-minded about the possibility of the existence of Sasquatch. A decade of research has shown us that there are many aspects about the Sasquatch phenomenon which cannot easily be attributed to any known animal species or be easily explained as fakery.

"However, from our studies there remains no conclusive evidence for or against the existence of Sasquatch and, as such, its existence remains an open question."


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