Mystery as ISS cameras capture flashing ‘multi-coloured’ object above Earth

Amateur stargazers and conspiracy theorists are baffled by an object in space which seems to be "eclipsed" by blinking coloured lights.

The strange white shape was spotted by the International Space Station's (ISS) cameras on October 15 and appears to show the oval body being eclipsed by the multi-coloured lights.

The slow-moving mass is not a section of the moon or even a distant planet such as Venus, believers have claimed.

YouTuber MrMBB333 uploaded the video, sent to him by subscriber Mary H, on his channel and other followers commented how they had also noticed the phenomenon.

Suggestions ranged from space junk reflecting light to a huge platform-based laser designed to "target something or someone".

MrMBB333 said it looked like the object was being rapidly eclipsed but one commenter suggested "it has blinking lights of some sort".

The channel keeps up to date with terrestrial and extra-terrestrial weather and geological phenomena but this new image has got viewers stumped.

The uploader said: "This is the International Space Station as it's coming out of the dark side, headed towards the daylight side of the Earth.

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"This is not the moon – this is the original video as I received it. We've got something above the Earth and as I go in a little closer it appears to be multi-coloured and it appears to be being eclipsed very rapidly.

"I wouldn't say it's Venus – it's too elongated. That is absolutely bizarre."

He said there had been "a lot of activity above the Earth" seen from the ISS recently.

But other viewers were sceptical about the UFO angle with some suggesting it was simply a camera lens flare.

There was a "conspiracy frenzy" earlier this month when a Russian Soyuz MS-17 module, docking with the ISS, captured images of "a bright circular object spinning above Earth".

It was one of a number of objects seen from the craft, which sparked a wave of conspiracy theorists into life.

The Black "crafts" were seen from the station on October 11 seemed to make "a circular manoeuvre" before shooting "straight up at a high rate of speed".

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