NASA news: This astronaut’s space selfies are out of this world  – ‘Visor up this time’

The NASA astronaut is one of the six people who call the International Space Station (ISS) home. Dr Meir was joined this month by fellow astronaut Christina Koch for a critical upgrade of the space station’s batteries.

The missions, carried out across three spacewalks, were streamed live online and documented firsthand by the astronauts.

Lucky NASA fans down on Earth can now enjoy the pictures snapped during the outings.

On Sunday, January 26, Dr Meir shared two space selfies she took while servicing the ISS.

The astronaut tweeted: “Fine, visor up this time – but at least the magnificent Earth still makes an appearance too.


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“All #spacewalk #selfies (and other photos) made possible with a Nikon D5 with a 28mm lens in a protective housing (visible in center of 2nd photo. #SelfieSunday”

The first selfie shows Dr Meir’s smiling face up-close, inside of her spacesuit’s domed helmet.

You can just see the blue, curved edge of our planet in the helmet’s reflection.

For the second photo, the astronaut posed in front of what appears to be one of the space station’s large solar arrays.

The solar arrays have a wingspan of about 240ft and provide the ISS with the power needed to operate the orbital laboratory.

You can see in the photo just how bulky the astronaut’s pressurised spacesuit is.

Fine, visor up this time – but at least the magnificent Earth still makes an appearance

Jessica Meir, NASA astronaut

On Dr Meir’s left shoulder you will see NASA’s EVA or extravehicular activity patch, which features an astronaut modelled after Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Behind the astronaut, you can see the edge of the planet and what appears to be a sunset or sunrise to the right of the astronaut.

In another photo shared by NASA, the astronaut is seen working on the ISS’ batteries.

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NASA said: “NASA astronaut Jessica Meir is pictured during a spacewalk to finalise upgrading power systems on the International Space Station’s Port-6 truss structure.

“Meir has her photograph taken by fellow NASA astronaut Christina Koch as both spacewalkers were working 266 miles above the Pacific Ocean off the coast of New Zealand.”

Dr Meir and Mrs Koch removed the station’s old nickel-hydrogen batteries and installed more efficient lithium-ion ones.

The batteries are charged by the station’s solar arrays and keep the ISS powered when it passes through the nightside of Earth.

Since the ISS completes a lap around the planet every 90 minutes, the space station spends 45 minutes in the Earth’s shadow and 45 minutes in direct sunlight 16 times a day.

In another photo, you can catch a glimpse of Mrs Koch reflected in Dr Meir’s reflective visor.

Dr Meir is currently stationed on the ISS as part of Expedition 61 and Expedition 62.

The astronaut is due to return to Earth later in spring this year.

The Expedition 62 crew consists of Russian commander Oleg Skripochka and NASA’s Andrew Morgan.

Three more astronauts will join the mission later this year: NASA’s Christopher Cassidy and Russia’s Andrei Babkin and Nikolai Tikhonov.

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