One in eight Brits want to be able to fart freely in public without being judged

One-in-eight Brits want to be able to fart more freely in public without getting disgusted glares from passers-by.

A recent study found that 13% hated holding in a parp when they were with others, like at work, in a pub or restaurant, or out and about in public.

Liverpool topped the list with 22% claiming it was “natural” to emit gas, which is often associated with eating beans, and it should be accepted.

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Scouser Tom Walters, 45, hates holding in farts at work – and the shop boss said: “I’ve never farted in front of a customer because I worry they wouldn’t want to come back to my shop.

“It’s ridiculous, but it’s considered rude when it should be celebrated.”

The poll by Peperami found the most reserved Brits were in Cardiff, where just 9% say it should be “normalised”.

This comes after it was revealed that Brits would like to compliment strangers more – but don't have the guts.

Nearly half (47%), of 2,000 adults polled, would like to step outside of their comfort zone more often, with 56% saying they feel more alive when they do so.

But 43% admit they don't have the confidence – with two in five saying they “consciously limit” themselves from doing things more freely, for fear of being criticised.

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Pavan Chandra from Peperami, which also commissioned this research as part of its “We All Go A Bit Peperami” campaign to encourage spontaneity, said: “We as a nation are traditionally known as being a bit stiff and reserved.

“However, if everyone went outside of their comfort zone once in a while, they’ll start seeing the fun and exciting side of life.”


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