Only those with a high IQ can find find the odd bird out in just 5 seconds

Brain puzzles and brainteasers are exciting and interesting ways to stretch the mind and test your cognitive ability.

Exercises such as crosswords and sudokus are believed to help wake up the mind and prepare it for the stimulating day ahead.

These brainteasers work by challenging the brain’s ability to spot hidden anomalies or objects in busy images.

In this brain teaser from Swift Direct Blinds, the test is to find the bird with the worm in its mouth in under five seconds.

Can you spot the odd bird out?

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No worries if not, the answer is above. It’s the blue bird on the bottom row facing towards the orange bird.

This brainteaser tests both your cognitive ability and your observation skills as you scan each row of birds before finding the one with the worm.

While brainteasers may feel like a bit of fun or distraction on a commute, some experts suggest they could have long-term benefits.

Brainteasers and brain puzzles help stretch the mind and keep it healthy. The healthier the mind, the less likely someone might be to develop a neurodegenerative condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

While this doesn’t mean brainteasers will stop someone from getting dementia, lifestyle factors can also have an impact, it highlights the importance of keeping the mind healthy and stimulated throughout a lifetime.

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