OnlyFans Lana Wolf posts grim video of ‘dog man’ licking boots in ‘Wolf Manor’

OnlyFans star Lana Wolf has given her loyal fans a glimpse inside 'Wolf Manor' where apparently she's served by a personal slave dressed as a dog.

In a strange video uploaded to her Instagram, the Rangers FC superfan, 25, filmed the 'dog man' as he scurried about the house on all fours.

In between abusing the desperate man (he's fundamentally not a dog) Lana goaded her new pet with promises he'd get to stay at 'Wolf Manor'.

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Clearly excited by the prospect of being Lana's in-house gimp, the loyal dog proceeded to lick Lana's boots.

Of course, you're probably wondering why a woman who made her name as the unofficial x-rated mascot of a Scottish football team now appears to have her own puppy man.

Well according to Lana's popular OnlyFans page, as well as being a '25-year-old chav sl** in Glasgow' she's also a 'dominatrix'.

This loosely means that Lana is paid by men to abuse them.

The act of donning a dog costume for sexual humiliation is a relatively new trend in the ocean of kink, but is interesting in itself.

Pup play is defined by Urban Dictionary as: "A person that acts like a dog or puppy.

"They use these masks for stress relief and/or for a sexual fetish. If you are a pup, you do not have to be sexual – you can just act like a pup for stress relief."

While role-playing as a pup, the aim is to act like a dog and abandon your worries – a task that would probably be easier without being berated by a Scottish dominatrix.

Still, Lana's boots got a good clean.

Away from dogging, Lana recently joked about jumping into the ring with Elle Brooke after her rival Astrid Wett drops out.

Elle Brooke took to Twitter to call out Astrid Wett possibly pulling out of their long-awaited fight.

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"Well it looks like I need a new opponent if anyone fancies it," Elle Brooke wrote on Twitter.

Rangers-mad Lana Wolf replied to the tweet writing: "Lemme get my stoney on real quick."

Elle quickly jumped in on the joke, cheekily writing: "Let’s do it naked x."

We can only assume 'dog man' will referee?

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