Pre-loved sex dolls flying off the shelves as shop offers second-hand companions

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20 years ago the idea of a robotic sexual companion was something you'd associate with a sci-fi film but now the stigma is slowly disappearing with online stores catering to all desires.

Sex dolls are becoming quite the purchase these days and it seems some people don't mind buying them second-hand, regardless of the connotations.

In fact, an online store has been set up to help find well-used sexual appendages new homes and it's more popular than you might think.

Research suggests that more than 40% of people would have sex with a robot, although men are keener than women.

And for those looking, it seems there's one place to start.

Galmato Haven specialises in the sale of top-of-the-range companions – each with their own names, personalities, and quirks.

A quick scan through the catalogue of items for sale reveals a blur of vacant-looking models and graphic dissembled body parts.

One listing reads: "She’s a tall drink of tea.

"Renee stretches the tape measure to 5’9 and looks like she just stepped off a volleyball court.

"Fun-size boobs are decorated with nipple barbells and her belly is pierced as well.

"She’s priced by the owner to sell quickly. Don’t wait."

But it's not just dolls people are buying, some it seems are content to just buy the head, which may be for customers seeking to change or upgrade an existing doll.

A listing a full head and detached wig read: "Kaori is in brand new condition.

"She features almond eyes and sexy peach blossom lips. A medium-length bob wig is also included."

Another slightly disturbing description claims that the detached face on offer comes with real human hair.

It reads: "This face is in excellent condition for age. No tears or blemishes with real hair eyebrows."

As most of the models already have names, it remains unclear if it is socially acceptable to change them once they're re-homed.

If you are in the market though you'll need to have deep pockets as most full models are selling at around $3000 dollars.

You'll also need to be quick as the demand is surprisingly high – when the doll's gone, it's gone.

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