Psychic predictions for 2021: Collapse of EU, war and Trump ‘will become more powerful’

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The new year is almost here and people are hoping for a wind of change in 2021 after what has been an arguably devastating year for most. This year has seen the coronavirus pandemic bring the world to its knees, record-breaking wildfires in the Americas and Australia, as well as one of the most intense and controversial US elections in recent history. But what waits for us in 2021? Craig Hamilton-Parker, a psychic who has been called the modern-day Nostradamus, has shared his predictions for 2021 and what he thinks will dominate the headlines in the new year.

Mr Hamilton-Parker claims to have predicted the coronavirus pandemic in 2017 when he said there would be a global flu pandemic in the future.

The psychic has also predicted the Presidential victory of Donald Trump in 2016 and the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

And although psychic predictions do not always get it right, a number of events this year have come eerily close to his predictions for 2020.

The Southampton-born psychic predicts the new year will be fraught with war, disease and political scandals the likes we have not seen in a long time.

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1. Collapse of the EU and the UK’s booming economy

The psychic, who runs, has previously told how he believes the UK economy will fare well after Brexit.

He has now said the EU is facing a much more uncertain future, with the possibility of more member states leaving the economic bloc.

Mr Hamilton-Parker said: “The American and European economies will falter dragging down other economies around the world.

“I’ve spoken before about the break up of Europe sometime after Brexit. We will see the start in 2021.”

The British economy, however, will suffer a short retraction after Brexit followed by “steady improvement”, according to the psychic.

2. War in the Middle East between Iran and Israel

After a top Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated earlier this year, the finger of blame was quickly pointed at Israel.

Iran and Israel have never seen eye-to-eye and Mr Hamilton-Parker believes tensions are about to boil over in 2021.

He said: “One of the most dangerous conflicts in 2021 will be between Israel and Iran.

“The USA will stop sanctions to try to re-establish diplomacy.

“This will be disastrous for the moderate Iranian’s who will protest on the streets.”

The psychic predicts Israel will strike Iran’s nuclear facilities with the unlikely support of Saudi Arabia.

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3. Donald Trump’s rise to power after the lost election

After the chaos surrounding the US’s 2020 presidential election, Mr Hamilton-Parker predicts Democrat Joe Biden will go ahead and assume office in the White House.

But this will not be the last we hear of Donald Trump – quite the opposite.

According to the psychic’s predictions, the Republicans will expose some evidence of electoral fraud but not enough to swing the election’s results.

Mr Trump will meanwhile find newfound glory as a “messianic” figure of sorts.

Mr Hamilton-Parker said: “Trump will put up a ferocious battle. He will take things to the high court but will not succeed.

“Cheating is revealed but not enough evidence to call for a new election. The challenges will continue in 2021.

“Trump TV will be launched and will quickly become popular. A deal will be done with Fox TV to screen Trump TV shows.”

Mr Trump will then supposedly take on a much bigger interest in religion.

Mr Hamilton-Parker added: “He will become a more powerful voice than President Biden and will still wield power through the media.”

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