Psychic Uri Geller warns aliens could invade Earth within the next five years

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Uri Geller reckons aliens could invade within five years.

The psychic claimed several extra-terrestrials were already monitoring the human race as they prepare to make contact.

Uri, 75, also said a recently revealed “doorway” on Mars was carved out by an alien laser beam.

The famous spoon bender said: “The door on Mars, there’s no doubt it has been carved out of some kind of superior technological laser beam.

“There is definitely something in there.”

Using “remote viewing”, Uri said he was able to send his mind through space and time, to have a look at the aliens
in action.

He said: “I saw a white room with control panels. Very, very futuristic.”

Uri believes the aliens will come in peace in the next five to 25 years, and will pick an iconic spot to land.

He said: “If an extra-terrestrial alien civilization will land here it’s not going to be an invasion. It’s going to be friendly.

“If they were hostile to us we would have been destroyed a long time ago.”

This comes after Uri urged Daily Star readers to “tickle a sickle” three times today to stop World War Three.

The spoon-bender wants everyone to rub the Russian symbol at 11.11am, 1.11pm and 11.11pm in a bid to get Vladimir Putin to step back from the brink of all-out warfare.

This is because 11.11 is a “mystical, powerful, spiritual number”, he says.

In an open letter to the Russian president, shared with the Daily Star, Uri also called on him to withdraw his troops from the Ukrainian border.

And he urged people in Britain and around the world to join him in sending Putin an “urgent telepathic message” to “withdraw now!”.

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