Putin sent warning: UK’s ‘three-year secret’ finally unveiled to boost defence capability

Ukraine: Russian tank blown up after attempt to escape drone

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The armoured vehicle was unveiled this week at the Eurosatory Arms and Defence Exhibition in Villepinte, just outside Paris. The project, described as the ‘Lego’ of tanks, was designed and developed by engineers at Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), the German/French leader in heavily armoured vehicles.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk about the Boxer, UK advisor to KMW, Nicholas Drummond, said he was proud of the tank’s capabilities.

He said: “This is a Lego set of modularity, enabling you to focus on the terrain and less on the vehicle type.

“The system allows it to be configured around the task at hand.

“It comes in a tracked or wheeled variant.”

Sketches of the tank on Mr Drummonds’s Twitter feed show the tank is adaptable to 16 different configurations.

Included are an infantry carrier, command and control, repair and recovery and an SP155mm Howitzer gun.

Mr Drummond also announced the British Army would be acquiring 523 units of the Boxer 8×8 multi-role armoured vehicles.

When asked if such vehicles are still an important part of modern warfare, in particular as new generation warfare transcends into non-manned aerial and cyber capabilities, Mr Drummond defended the need for infantry in combat.

He said: “Because of the anti-tank threats in Ukraine, many say it’s obsolete.
“But artillery is the biggest threat.

“Russians are firing millions of rounds a day, and if you want to move contemporary warfare units elsewhere on the field, it has to be done under armour.”

In order to achieve this, Mr Drummond explained some of the defence capabilities of the Boxer.

He continued: “You have to have an active protection system, like a mini-anti-aircraft system for a tank.

“Vehicles that are under threat have anti-jamming equipment to combat electronic warfare capabilities, countermeasures also include drone jamming.

“There could even be attempts to jam incoming warheads on anti-tank missiles using the latest technology.”

“This technology already exists and is being used by the likes of Israel, and appears to be highly effective in deterring attacks on tanks.”

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Speaking of the three-year-long project, Mr Drummond said: “KMW has been planning a tracked Boxer now for three years, and we are proud to unveil the type at Paris.”

The Boxer is said to offer proven protection as well as excellent on and off-road ability.

Furthermore, the modular design capability allows the Boxer to swap to different roles within 60 minutes.

The go-anywhere, do-anything attitude of the tank allows it to perform efficiently on the battlefield, allowing flexibility and resourcefulness to operators.

The Boxer can house a crew of three operators, as well as six dismounts.

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